Friday 18 February 2011

Wayne Dobson Lecture - Look No Hands

Wayne's lecture started some excellent jokes and explained the reasons for the lectures name of 'Look No Hands'. His first trick was a good tossed out deck with some great joke along the way.
Wayne then went on with a fun card at number, where the spectator becomes the magician and the named card ended up under the spectators bum!
He then went on to do some close up magic with a nice coin routine called heads and tails. Wayne then performed and explained a trick called Guesstamation, where he guessed the number if cards that the spectator had cut. His next trick was a excellent version of 'Out of this world'.
Wayne's last trick was called 'Lucky Card' with a borrowed deck, although no explanation was given the opportunity to buy his many books was available. An excellent first lecture and if you ever get the chance to see Wayne's lecture it is defiantly worth seeing.

Andy Chase

Stuart gave his thoughts on The Wayne Dobson Lecture in the video below:

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