Saturday 19 February 2011

Divided opinions

So we bloggers are divided and heated discussions are taking place. Some feel it was okay to show they weren't happy with the compare, some aren't happy about it, and others can see both sides. Personally I think there was no reason to come back after an interval and subject us to 20 mins of not great gags when we are there to see magic, he had no need to fill and was already aware his material wasn't doing well with the audience. I aslo feel as professional entertainers we shouldn't have effectively booed him off. As far as I could tell I think Tony Stevens finished the voice overs, which makes me ask why oh why when they have the great talent of Tony on tap do they used the compare they did.

The whole show had the feel of a sinking ship, there were two great acts and a couple good acts, some others seemed to be treading water on this Titanic of shows. I don't have the names to hand but the cup and balls guy was amazing and original, the cubic act was super and very different. High Jinks were good and performed a straight jacket escape very similar to mine (so obviously I thought that was good).

On the whole I'm quite disappointed. But Sankey's lecture had made my day.


  1. Please comment and tell us your opinions.

  2. Again Year after Year the BMC puts on a Very poor show.
    I stopped going for 3 years because of it, but desided to give it another go this year.
    NEVER again.
    I felt it actually was the BMC organisers that let the show down not the compare.
    Look he wasn't briefed at the beginning and was not controlled correctly by the stage manager (if they had one) What a Joke. They also didn't vet him or they wouldn't used him.
    He is a funny man but was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, again not his fault.
    The FSIM awards again well very badly orgainized by the BMC.
    It not rocket science to get a show right, but year after year they make a mess of what could of been a great show.
    I actually went home early on Sunday as I could take another badly orgainzed Show.
    As they say about magic its not how a trick is done it's "How" a trick is done. The same goes with a show.
    Mind you went to Bristol Day of magic and what a surprise a poor Show. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Come on guys you hire some great magicians who are let down by each convention.
    Once year I saw 3 sub trucks used in the same line up..Nice
    Why dont people talk to each other.
    I use to be in theatre so I know what I am talking about.