Saturday 19 February 2011

And the winners are...

FISM Europeon Stage magical champiomnships

Close Up:
3rd: Not Awarded
2nd: Not Awarded
1st: Vittori Belloni

Card Magic:
3rd: Kristian Nivala
2nd: Paul Sommersgutter
1st: Miika Pelkonen

Parlor Magic:
3rd: Shared - Hector Mancha & Hayashi
2nd: Matthew Wright
1st: Yann Frisch

Most original act:
Yann Frisch


Comedy Award:
Not Awarded

Most Original Stage Act:

Mental Magic:
3rd: Fredric Da Silva
2nd: Christian Bischof
1st: Not Awarded

3rd: Raul Black
2nd: High Jinx
1st: Cubic Act

General Magic
3rd: Simon Pierro
2nd: Max Guito
1st: Charlie Mag

3rd: Franz Koffer
2nd: Kenris
1st Dion

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