Saturday 19 February 2011

Jay Sankey Lecture

Coin in can
Nice inpromptu coin to can routine, no preparation needed, the ring pull in the can changes place with the borrowed small coin in a flash.

Three freely chosen cards get eaten by the four queens. Strong easy routine.

An old classic penetration of two straws with some new Sankey twists to add in a ring.

A card is chosen, and a button is used to find it, the button is filly found sewn to the card. Very easy visual magic.

Bill Transposition
A bill is borrowed and a corner torn off, another bill is held by the magician and the two bills change place.

2 Coin 3 fly
Jay did his best to make it as difficult as possible to do a 3fly with only two coins, but came up with a solid easy routine.

Signed, singed and delivered
Two singed tissues change places in a flame.

Jay has countless effects and each one is a winner, more than anything else his humour is just fantastic, you can`t watch Jay without a smile on your face, also his passion for the art is so apparent, as it literally oozes out of him (at least I hope that what is was).

Great lecture and many routines to take away.


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