Saturday 19 February 2011

Richard Sanders Lecture

Max Curd reviews the Richard Sanders Lecture:

First trick:
Great rope trick from his DVD "fibre optics" with three different sized ropes which all became the same length, then with two ropes some great stuff like cut and restored and ends jumped on and off and other things like the middle jumped off then back on and then the ropes were restored to there original length.
Great trick!

Second trick:
Next was a really nice trick from his DVD "super cards" with four cards which was a demonstration on how to win at poker and he showed a bad hand of four cards then the cards suddenly changed into a great poker hand of four kings.
Nice simple direct stuff!

Third trick:
Richard then went into his very popular "Extreme Burn 2.0" which you have probably all heard of but those who haven't it's a great trick with money were you can show some blank paper or magazine cut outs then they just suddenly change straight into 5 banks notes, and he showed us some nice handling's, displays and clean up's which were great. Super visual magic WORTH checking out!

Fourth trick:
Next was another great trick that Richard has brought out which is called "tagged", and the idea was a card was chosen then Richard drew attention to a chain which was around his neck then he just took the pack and waved it near the chain and the chosen was suddenly linked to the chain, and it really was linked on there.
Really nice idea/concept!

Fifth trick:
Richard then did a trick with some lottery tickets which is called "power ball 60" which was a little mentalism effect were the spectator thought of a number on the tickets and the numbers on the tickets went from 1 to 60 and Richard then read his mind and got the thought of number.
Nice direct mentalism trick!

Last trick:
The last thing Richard did was his trick "interlace" which was a really fast ring to shoelace, were he borrowed a spectators ring then made it disappeared in a FLASH and then it ended up tied to his shoelace.
Fantastic trick, so clever and really practical too!

Overall I thought it was a really great lecture, lots of stuff in there, only thing I would say is everything he did was a trick that he sold and you had to buy off him there was nothing you could just do with normal stuff.

Rating 8/10

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