Friday 18 February 2011

European Championships of Magic 2011 - Close up Part 2

Read Part one first!

Rene - Germany

Rene made a few "jokes" about England. Made a Nielsen ketchup bottle turn into a tomato, then the bottle was back and turned into a real bottle. He then performed Richard Sanders extreme burn. He had a note signed and changed to a money voucher. The signed bill was then inside the tomato! Dun dun daaa!!!

Parro=5, Max=5, Sylvester=5, CB=6, Vas=

Martin - Finland

Martin is the biggest charmer for the ladies in magic! He picked a pretty girl from the stage, he made a comb vanish by sticking it in his hair! made a flame turn into a rose! All whilst the titanic music played! Martin continued to charm this young lady he ended with interlaced combined with a marriage proposal gag... Very Funny!

Parro=8, Max=8, Sylvester=8, CB=8, Vas=

Miika Pelkonen - Finland

Miika borrowed a deck, he took out the aces, had one ace selected then produced the rest of the cards in order from that suite. This was repeated 4 times the final card was a signed selection as a layer of the actual card box.

Parro=7.5, Max=8, Sylvester=6, CB=6, Vas=

Paul Sommersgutter - Austria

Cards to box, followed by a thought of card which was in his top pocket, card under box deck under box, deck in box, the shuffled deck was then in full deck order
A card was selected and signed in a red deck, the card was then revealed to be the only blue card in the red deck.

Parro=6, Max=6.5, Sylvester=6, CB=6, Vas=

Hector Mancha - Spain

Hector performed a routine to music about a card which would not go away, it was a very polishe routine using perfect use of the tenkai vanish.

Parro=7, Max=8, Sylvester=7, CB=8, Vas=

Rune - Norway

Rune performed a comedy routine at a breakfast table, whilst listening to the radio station 105.1 magic! The selected card was in the cereal as the "free toy". Then it got cray into a multiplying spoon routine! Then to end a signed card was in the actual edible sandwich!

Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=7, CB=8, Vas=

The great Sym-phoney - England

Well this was interesting to say the least I don't know quite what was going on except he was a music compare! He did show us his union jack boxers though!

Parro=1, Max=0, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Vittori Belloni - Italy

Vittori made coins and cards appear for his matrix routine. He made 4 invisible coins, turn visible under the cards. He then started using transparent cards. The whole deck the turned transparent! And then even his clothes. An excellent routine it started slow but built up quickly an I was pleasantly surprised!

Parro=9, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=

Vadim - Russian Federation

A big trick with big cards, he made the faces of the cards visually turn to backs. The backs then turned from blue to red! Meanwhile... His music is very annoying. Vadim the kept making the cards jump back into the box when trying to perform his trick. So far so dull! :( to finish a selected card appeared in a can of peaches!

Parro=3, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Kristian Nivala - Finland

The aces appeared from the air one by one and then the deck! Kristian continued to make more cards and more aces appear from anywhere and everywhere including jumbo aces. He ended on making all the cards that had made appear from red to blue a very impressive ending!

Parro=7, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Matthew Wright - England

Matthew wright performed his coins across which includes a coin an actual coin FLOATING across! He then performed a card effect with the card that gives him nightmares that sticks to his head! The selected card then ends up being stuck to his head and in his wallet! Matt then performed his card routine to the music of lady gaga - pokerface! A brilliant act with a great performer!

Parro=9, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Final thoughts the acts ranged in standard my bottom hurts for sitting here so long I'm not sure if the competition needed this many performers? The winner for me has got to be Yann Frisch!

We will let you know of the winners as soon as we know until then keep on blogging - Parro out!!!

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