Sunday 20 February 2011

International Close Up Show - First Session

Michel – Argentina
Michel performed a selection of impressive card tricks, using a light bulb which lit up and revealed selections.

Jay Sankey – Canada
Jay borrowed a deck from the audience and went into his any card at any number effect! Which was an excellent comedy gag! “Was this your card?” No “well it is, in fact they are all your cards! A selected cards corner was ripped off and appeared in the layer of the same card! Jay then performed a sandwich effect. The selected card then cleanly jumped from the jokers back to the deck. Jay then performed his ring on spoon which i believe we saw when he was here last time. Jay then produced 4 coins from only the 1! Jay then performed a coins across routine. Ahh so many tricks... cars to pocket.. damn that should have been cards! Cards to pocket, saying that it was only 1 card! Jay finished on a double torn and restored card.

Michael Rubinstein – USA
Michael is saving for an ipod... awwww so he is making money appear. Then with a spectator performed a jumping coins routine. The twilight zone – 3 copper coins, 1 at a time change to gold and then back to copper, a nice storied routine. This is just too much I’m not sure how many similar coin tricks you can do. Paul Mealing, who is standing behind me (you may remember him from the Eastbourne blogs) said there is no common thread in this act!

Bernard Bilis – France
Bernard invited 2 spectators on stage, and started his cards across including 3 signed cards, the warbling card guy. A sandwich effect then happened but the card was sandwiched in a different coloured back card. Bernard performed a nice routine with cards through a portable hole. His last effect was a 4 pile ace card transpo. Very clean and nice and quick, best bit of his act.

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  1. Your post didn't do justice to Rubinstein. The first trick was a three coin production, with a touching story about his fiance. The jumping coins routine had the last coin appearing in the hands of the spectator, and then flying away one by one. You commented on his excellent Twilight Zone routine, but not on his standup handling of Roth's Purse and Glass. He followed that with a marvelous presentation of Nest of Boxes, using the premise of doing the sub Trunk mystery, yet the signed coin gets in the box secretly right in front of everyone. The last trick was a card trick but used voodoo coins to find the card. Not only it very entertaining, but very original. A colored sticker chosen freely by the spectator appeared on each of the coins, then vanished. In their place was a message spelled out on the coin that revealed the card. The kicker was that the colored sticker vanishes to appear on the back of the chosen card. It was a great set! Thanks, Matt