Tuesday 22 February 2011

Thank You - See you at Blackpool Magic Convention 2012

Well that is it for Blackpool 2011 . I hope you enjoyed this years coverage of the Blog. I feel it's been the best one yet!

A few thank you's to do. Thank you firstly to all of the Bloggers, we broke our page views record this year and had some great content that was produced instantly!

Thank you also to Duncan Trillo, for mentioning us twice on his excellent MagicWeek website.

And finally thank you to Derek Lever and the Blackpool Magicians Club for again providing magicians with the worlds biggest and best magic convention.

So from me Matt Parro, I will see you next time at Blackpool Magic Convention 2012.

Magic Bloggers The Movie 2011 - Comedy Video

Magic Bloggers The Movie 2011:

I hope you had as much fun as we did!

Going Up? - Get ready for the comedy video!

The full comedy video will appear here shortly, but until then check out this little skit called "Going Up?"

Monday 21 February 2011


As I'm sure most of you are, the Bloggers are now home. over the next few hours content will be coming onto the site. The final thoughts videos are slowly appearing and Max Curd has just added a huge Icandy review in the "Product Reviews 2011" So keep checking back here to see the added content!

Final Thoughts in Video

Matt Parro:

Stuart Harley:

Geoff Hunt:

Max Curd:

Andrew Chase:

James Mugridge's First Blackpool Convention:

Product Reviews 2011

Andy Chase Comments:
Hello everyone, well with Blackpool over I thought I would let you know about some of the great products for sale at the convention. As usual I spent far to much money on a wide variety of things. Some of the things that I brought are; sleeve star by David Jay, which seems to be great with an excellent gimmick.

I got lots of Craig Petty stuff and I am really looking forward to having a play with his new coin set 'Night Shade'.

I got a great deal from Andi Gladwin from Vanishing Inc, I got the Master Pushiff DVD which is fantastic and I also got the 2 Troy Hooser books.

I spent a lot of money at illusioncraft, which sell some excellent flash products and a amazing product called smoke.

Peter Nardi at Alakazam had a few new products out including a good trick called 365.

World Magic Shop had some other great products including the new function 9 DVD, which sold out in the first day.

Axtel was there again this year with some fantastic puppets, both myself and Stuart would really love one of these, maybe next year (I think I better get saving).

I saw a really great product called Banded using rings by Garret Thomas. I think 90% of the people who watched the amazing Jay Sankey brought some of his DVDs including myself.

Craig Dickson (mr magnet) had some great products and all sold at a very good price. It was great to see Tango at Blackpool again the coins he make are fantastic, with a newish coin called TUC.

There were over 125 dealers at Blackpool this year and I have only talked about a few of the great dealers and products.

However for me if I had to choose one product as the best buy of the convention it would have to be Dave Bonsall's Ring Flight Revolution. This is the most practical and useable ring flight I have ever seen. There are many different ring flights out there but none of them compare to this one. I know there was some magicians that thought it was expensive, but trust me it is worth every penny. The way it has been made is superb and it is very durable as well, Dave also says it will last a lifetime. So if you perform or want to perform ring flight give him a ring and order one! www.ringflightrevolution.com
Well that is it guys, what did you buy? What did you think was great? Please comment.

Andy Chase

Max Curd Reviews:
iCandy by Alias Smith & Jones

Wow a really nice trick were a card is chosen and signed then the magician takes another card and signs the back, then the two cards merge together with a very visual moment of magic.

Ring to purse:
A great quick trick with a borrowed ring and a purse full of coins, the ring is in one hand and the purse in the other and suddenly the ring ends up in the purse and the coins are in the magician’s hands.

A very commercial handling of torn and restored card but in the hands of the spectators with a little kicker at the end, a true worker.

No Sleep:
A great little trick with 5 cards, a four of a kind in the magician's hands and a different cards in the spectators then they just changes places, very direct.

Eyefone 10:
Great modern trick were apparently the new iPhone 10 is shown then a card is selected and signed and the iPhone 10 is used to help find the spectators cards, the iPhone 10 is turned over and on the back is the spectators card fused to the back, has many gags with it.

A cool routine with 3 coins which are produced and disappear then are put on a wallet and jump back and forward from the magician's hands.

Kick Back Kings:
I love this routine and already do it myself, what happens is a cards is selected and then the four kings are used to help find the card but two of the kings are put in the pocket but then jump back between the other two kings and now in the pocket is the chosen card.

Kick Back Kicker:
A great follow on effect to Kick Back King were the chosen card jumps back and forth between the pocket and the kings and the kings end up in the pocket with the chosen card in the magician's hands.

No moves coins thru table:
Great EASY coins through table which uses no moves, a great routine which won't take long to learn.

Vanishing Point:
2 cards on the box, then a card is selected but attention is drawn back to the box where the two cards have vanished but they have now gone from the box and sandwich the chosen card in the middle of the deck.

1 Short of a Full Deck:
Card is chosen then the back of it changes and in the wallet is another copy of the chosen card.

3 Some:
Very cheeky trick with three people which all see a card each but basically they all see the same card, and then they tell the magician there cards and in his wallet is the card they all choose.

6 Card Dunbury:
6 cards, one card is chosen from them, then the spectator has to lie and say that every card is not his and the magician has to read the spectators body language then he is down to the last card but it is wrong then it changes in a really cool way.

Pocket to Pocket to Pocket:
Gary's great card to pocket routine, very well structured with a lot of magic moments in.

One Coin Routine:
Great routine by Lee with one coin were it disappears, appears, jumps on the back of the spectators hands then changes into a jumbo coin, great routine.

Overall I think this DVD is great and the thing is Gary and Lee are both working pro's so everything on this DVD is commercial stuff that anyone can do. I would really recommend getting this DVD, it has a few real jems in it that i think you guys are going to like.

Max Curd

What Stu Bought:
The Killer Observation Test – Paul Gordon
We are lucky at The Sussex Magic Circle to have Paul as a member, he lives & breathes card magic & seems to have a new product every month. What I don’t understand is how they can all be good, it’s amazing. This observation test is no different, so visual, I can highly recommend.

Billboard – Swami 2.0 – Magic Tao
This is a nice prediction routine, is essence a photo of a billboard you took and uploaded to a flickr style site has your prediction written on it. This obviously needs to use a device which is connected to the web, unfortunately this won’t currently work with the iPhone, but when version 2.1 comes out this will be even better.

Bloon – Magic Smith
In this routine you take a balloon and place it on the table, you walk 10 foot away, then cause the balloon to pop with the power of thought. I bought this to use with a glass breaking routine, and it’s nicely made, one thing to note is it works via a timer and not under your control, however it will give you a signal before it does it’s thing.

Super Sharpie – Magic Smith
This is a modern day swami, it allows you to use a Sharpie (which we magician’s love) rather than a pencil. It does exactly as you’d expect & want.
Night Shade Coin Set – Craig Petty
This is so nice & so well made. I can’t say too much about the construction, but there are some really clever aspects to this. This is one to get.

Love Cards – Craig Petty
This came as part of the super World Magic Shop deal when I bought Night Shade, and I’m so glad it was free. As they say, “I opened it half hour ago and I can do it already” I opened it saw how obvious it was marked and knew I’d never use it. This is bottom drawer material. Sorry Craig, I’m not sure who talked you into releasing this.

Chop – Craig Petty
Saw this demonstrated by Craig, and to be honest I think he was tired so I didn’t see it at its best. But it also came free with Night Shade and the concept of a paper coffee cup is good. There is some clever thought behind this. This too is a nice routine worth getting.

Modern Mentalism Vol 1&2 – Matt Mello
This was recommend by the Wizard Product review, and I’ll update this when I’ve had chance to watch it.

Function 9 – Calen Morell
This too was recommend by the Wizard Product review, and I’ll update this when I’ve had chance to watch it.

Magic Smoke V2 – IllusionCraft
A couple of years ago I gave IllusionCraft a stinker of a review as I’d gone to the stand 5 times to speak to Adam and was sent away as he was busy chatting to friends. However after waiting two years to talk to him it was worth the wait, he’s a great inventor and his props are fantastic. I was very impressed with the Magic Smoke at the convention, after playing with it now at home I’m even more impressed. Everything you need is in the box including spares. He even throws in rechargeable batteries and charger when other dealers would say batteries not included. I’m also very much eagerly awaiting a new item he’s working on which hopefully he’ll build in my suggestions. Although I don’t retract the old review, I do now understand why so many people do want to talk to him as he’s a really good guy. This is my favourite purchase of the convention.


Sunday 20 February 2011

The International Gala Show

Here are our scores for the final gala show M=Matt, MX=Max, S=Stu, A=Andy, G=Geoff.

Scott Penrose: M=6, MX=6.5, S=7, A=8, G=8.

Jimmy Tamley: M=8.5, MX=10, S=9, A=10, G=8.

Xavier Tapias: M=8, MX=7.5, S=5, A=7, G=7.

Dimmare: M=6.5, MX=6.5, S=7, A=8, G=9.

Roy Gardener and James: M=8, MX=8, S=7, A=8, G=9.5.

Michael Finney: M=8, MX=8.5, S=8, A=9, G=9.5.

Salvano Jr.: M=4, MX=3, S=5, A=6, G=7.

Jonathon Hawley and Co.: M=7.5, MX=9, S=8, A=8.5, G=8.

Everyone Finale (Singing, Dancers Final bow, etc): M=10, MX=10, S=10, A=10, G=10.

Ok so that's the final scores! Clive and Danny Adams were the highlight for me! What do you think of tonights host and what did you think of the show? Remember this is the peoples blog! This is Magic Bloggers!

Michael Rubinstein

Review to follow!

International Close Up Show - Second Session

Bernard Bilis - Geoff Reports:

I had met Bernard Bilis on a visit to Bloiss in France 10 years ago. I was with the Sussex Magic Circle, we were doing a show for the French magicians who had kindly arranged a visit to the home of Robert Houdin for us. There Bernard entertained us for an hour so. He blew us away, so looking forward to his lecture.

He told us they were easy tricks, in his dreams, lovely plots, with fun. He blew the audience away.
A funny moment occurred when Bernard sat on the floor with his back to the camera to explain a five card location effect. Bernard certainly has a very different approach to card tricks and magic with tricky business.
Next came the cards across with explanation. Terrific method. Enjoyed by the whole audience.

- Geoff

Michel Lecture - Geoff Reports

Michel explained the vanishing red silk, to red ball and white ball with various moves.

Card Trick: With the light bulb choosing.
Michel then did a £5 note effect and a rope cutting trick.

Invisible pull - Hold out. Jack Miller history. Showed the jacket set up (in 3 positions.

A very informative lecture on the hold out the first I had ever seen. Many many ideas spring to mind using the hold out.


- Geoff

International Close Up Show - First Session

Michel – Argentina
Michel performed a selection of impressive card tricks, using a light bulb which lit up and revealed selections.

Jay Sankey – Canada
Jay borrowed a deck from the audience and went into his any card at any number effect! Which was an excellent comedy gag! “Was this your card?” No “well it is, in fact they are all your cards! A selected cards corner was ripped off and appeared in the layer of the same card! Jay then performed a sandwich effect. The selected card then cleanly jumped from the jokers back to the deck. Jay then performed his ring on spoon which i believe we saw when he was here last time. Jay then produced 4 coins from only the 1! Jay then performed a coins across routine. Ahh so many tricks... cars to pocket.. damn that should have been cards! Cards to pocket, saying that it was only 1 card! Jay finished on a double torn and restored card.

Michael Rubinstein – USA
Michael is saving for an ipod... awwww so he is making money appear. Then with a spectator performed a jumping coins routine. The twilight zone – 3 copper coins, 1 at a time change to gold and then back to copper, a nice storied routine. This is just too much I’m not sure how many similar coin tricks you can do. Paul Mealing, who is standing behind me (you may remember him from the Eastbourne blogs) said there is no common thread in this act!

Bernard Bilis – France
Bernard invited 2 spectators on stage, and started his cards across including 3 signed cards, the warbling card guy. A sandwich effect then happened but the card was sandwiched in a different coloured back card. Bernard performed a nice routine with cards through a portable hole. His last effect was a 4 pile ace card transpo. Very clean and nice and quick, best bit of his act.

Richard Osterlind

Sunday 20th February 2011 Schedule

Sunday 20th February

8.30 am Registration Desk opens
9.00 am to 5.30 pm Dealers Super Showcase opens
9.00 am to 5.00 pm Band Call (Rehearsal) for Sunday Gala Show acts in the Opera House
10.00 am Richard Osterlind Lecture in the Spanish Hall
10.30 am E.G.M. of FISM Europe in the Renaissance Room which is located upstairs. Take the left hand stairway at the Bar entrance of the Foyer.
10.45 am to 12.45 pm Two "Kidz R Uz" Lectures in the Ice Room, 1. Hank Moorehouse 2. David Tomkins
11.00 am International Close Up Show - in the Pavilion Theatre - First Session starring: -
1. Michel - Argentina
2. Jay Sankey - Canada
3. Michael Rubinstein - USA
4. Bernard Bilis - France
12.30 pm Michel Lecture in the Spanish Hall
2.00 pm Bernard Bilis Lecture in the Spanish Hall
3.00 pm International Close-Up Show - Pavilion Theatre - Second Session - starring:-
1. Craig Dickson - USA
2. Richard Osterlind - USA
3. Jupiter - Hungary
4. Richard Sanders - Canada
3.30 pm Michael Rubinstein Lecture in the Spanish Hall
5.00 pm Registration Desk closes
5.30 pm Dealers Super Showcase closes
7.00 pm International Gala Show in the Opera House - Comperes: Clive Webb & Danny Adams
10.45 pm After Gala Show Party in the Spanish Hall with:
1. Jupiter - Hungary
2. Andrei & Ruslan Fomenko - Russia
3. Andy Eastwood - United Kingdom Compere: Karl K

Last Nights - Beat The Wand - Video Review

Coming Soon - With Max Curd

Saturday 19 February 2011

Divided opinions

So we bloggers are divided and heated discussions are taking place. Some feel it was okay to show they weren't happy with the compare, some aren't happy about it, and others can see both sides. Personally I think there was no reason to come back after an interval and subject us to 20 mins of not great gags when we are there to see magic, he had no need to fill and was already aware his material wasn't doing well with the audience. I aslo feel as professional entertainers we shouldn't have effectively booed him off. As far as I could tell I think Tony Stevens finished the voice overs, which makes me ask why oh why when they have the great talent of Tony on tap do they used the compare they did.

The whole show had the feel of a sinking ship, there were two great acts and a couple good acts, some others seemed to be treading water on this Titanic of shows. I don't have the names to hand but the cup and balls guy was amazing and original, the cubic act was super and very different. High Jinks were good and performed a straight jacket escape very similar to mine (so obviously I thought that was good).

On the whole I'm quite disappointed. But Sankey's lecture had made my day.

The FISM European championships all winners show!

A brief outline will follow shortly. But we just wanted to know what you thought of the host George being slow clapped off! Was this the right decision? Were you clapping? Let us know!

And the winners are...

FISM Europeon Stage magical champiomnships

Close Up:
3rd: Not Awarded
2nd: Not Awarded
1st: Vittori Belloni

Card Magic:
3rd: Kristian Nivala
2nd: Paul Sommersgutter
1st: Miika Pelkonen

Parlor Magic:
3rd: Shared - Hector Mancha & Hayashi
2nd: Matthew Wright
1st: Yann Frisch

Most original act:
Yann Frisch


Comedy Award:
Not Awarded

Most Original Stage Act:

Mental Magic:
3rd: Fredric Da Silva
2nd: Christian Bischof
1st: Not Awarded

3rd: Raul Black
2nd: High Jinx
1st: Cubic Act

General Magic
3rd: Simon Pierro
2nd: Max Guito
1st: Charlie Mag

3rd: Franz Koffer
2nd: Kenris
1st Dion

Craig Dickson Lecture

As I had already brought craig's lecture notes and DVD etc on the Friday I was really looking forward to seeing him. His lecture was all about magnets. He explained about PK rings and a few different tricks using a ring.
Craig also went on to talk about wrist and knee magnets using magnets called M5. He explained a very useful tip to make ferrous metal magnetic.

I really enjoyed this lecture and I would advise you to go and see him at his stall if you missed the lecture.

I would give this lecture a very respectable 8.5/10

Andy Chase

Richard Sanders Lecture

Max Curd reviews the Richard Sanders Lecture:

First trick:
Great rope trick from his DVD "fibre optics" with three different sized ropes which all became the same length, then with two ropes some great stuff like cut and restored and ends jumped on and off and other things like the middle jumped off then back on and then the ropes were restored to there original length.
Great trick!

Second trick:
Next was a really nice trick from his DVD "super cards" with four cards which was a demonstration on how to win at poker and he showed a bad hand of four cards then the cards suddenly changed into a great poker hand of four kings.
Nice simple direct stuff!

Third trick:
Richard then went into his very popular "Extreme Burn 2.0" which you have probably all heard of but those who haven't it's a great trick with money were you can show some blank paper or magazine cut outs then they just suddenly change straight into 5 banks notes, and he showed us some nice handling's, displays and clean up's which were great. Super visual magic WORTH checking out!

Fourth trick:
Next was another great trick that Richard has brought out which is called "tagged", and the idea was a card was chosen then Richard drew attention to a chain which was around his neck then he just took the pack and waved it near the chain and the chosen was suddenly linked to the chain, and it really was linked on there.
Really nice idea/concept!

Fifth trick:
Richard then did a trick with some lottery tickets which is called "power ball 60" which was a little mentalism effect were the spectator thought of a number on the tickets and the numbers on the tickets went from 1 to 60 and Richard then read his mind and got the thought of number.
Nice direct mentalism trick!

Last trick:
The last thing Richard did was his trick "interlace" which was a really fast ring to shoelace, were he borrowed a spectators ring then made it disappeared in a FLASH and then it ended up tied to his shoelace.
Fantastic trick, so clever and really practical too!

Overall I thought it was a really great lecture, lots of stuff in there, only thing I would say is everything he did was a trick that he sold and you had to buy off him there was nothing you could just do with normal stuff.

Rating 8/10

Jay Sankey Lecture

Coin in can
Nice inpromptu coin to can routine, no preparation needed, the ring pull in the can changes place with the borrowed small coin in a flash.

Three freely chosen cards get eaten by the four queens. Strong easy routine.

An old classic penetration of two straws with some new Sankey twists to add in a ring.

A card is chosen, and a button is used to find it, the button is filly found sewn to the card. Very easy visual magic.

Bill Transposition
A bill is borrowed and a corner torn off, another bill is held by the magician and the two bills change place.

2 Coin 3 fly
Jay did his best to make it as difficult as possible to do a 3fly with only two coins, but came up with a solid easy routine.

Signed, singed and delivered
Two singed tissues change places in a flame.

Jay has countless effects and each one is a winner, more than anything else his humour is just fantastic, you can`t watch Jay without a smile on your face, also his passion for the art is so apparent, as it literally oozes out of him (at least I hope that what is was).

Great lecture and many routines to take away.


Ruskin Magic 2

We caught up with Adam Dadswell and Lee Smith last night in the Ruskin, watch the tricks below:

Lee Smith:

Adam Dadswell:

James Dimmare Lecture

James Dimmare took questions and answers from the audience about his stage and dove/bird magic. He was asked about his vanishing bird cage and his stage attire and jacket. James then mentioned cruelty to animals and how to handle birds safely.

It's not often there is a lecture like this about dove/bird magic so it was interesting to watch and listen to.

This could have been a boring lecture/QandA luckily James has a good voice and interesting personality that keeps our attention.

Matt - 7/10

Salvano Jnr. Lecture

Geoff us making notes as we speak, the review will be here shortly! Til' then here is a front row photo!

Saturday 19th February 2011 Schedule

Saturday 19th February

8.30 am Registration Desk opens
9.00 am Dealers Super showcase opens
9.00 am to 1.00 pm FISM European Stage Magical Championships in the Opera House
9.30 am to 10.30 am Salvano Jnr. Lecture in the Spanish Hall
10.00 am to 11.00 am Jimmy Tamley as Jungle Jim in the Pavilion Theatre
11.00 am to 12.00 pm James Dimmare Lecture in the Spanish Hall
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm Jay Sankey Lecture in the Spanish Hall
2.00 pm to 5.30 pm FISM European Stage Magical Championships in the Opera House
2.00 pm to 3.00 pm David Ginn Lecture in the Ice Room
2.30 pm to 3.30 pm Richard Sanders Lecture in the Spanish hall
4.00 pm to 5.00 pm Craig Dickson Lecture in the Spanish Hall
5.30 pm Registration Desk closes
7.30 pm FISM European Magical Championships - Award Ceremony
plus Prize Winners Performances in the following categories: CARD MAGIC, MICRO MAGIC, PARLOUR MAGIC, MANIPULATION, GENERAL MAGIC, STAGE ILLUSIONS, MENTAL MAGIC AND COMEDY MAGIC plus Guest Artistes including Richard Osterlind & Tom Anders. Compere: George King
11.00 pm Andrew James and Magic Sam present the "Beat The Wand" Competition in the Theatre Bar of the Winter Gardens

Friday 18 February 2011

Joe Mogar Lecture

Video Review Coming Soon...

Wayne Dobson Lecture - Look No Hands

Wayne's lecture started some excellent jokes and explained the reasons for the lectures name of 'Look No Hands'. His first trick was a good tossed out deck with some great joke along the way.
Wayne then went on with a fun card at number, where the spectator becomes the magician and the named card ended up under the spectators bum!
He then went on to do some close up magic with a nice coin routine called heads and tails. Wayne then performed and explained a trick called Guesstamation, where he guessed the number if cards that the spectator had cut. His next trick was a excellent version of 'Out of this world'.
Wayne's last trick was called 'Lucky Card' with a borrowed deck, although no explanation was given the opportunity to buy his many books was available. An excellent first lecture and if you ever get the chance to see Wayne's lecture it is defiantly worth seeing.

Andy Chase

Stuart gave his thoughts on The Wayne Dobson Lecture in the video below:

Andrew Chase - Product Review

Hi. Well with the first day of the convention nearly over and now feeling very tired. I have brought lots if great magic today including Craig Petty's new coin set 'night shade' which is great. The buy of the day for me was Andi Gladwin's Master Pushoff DVD, which I have already had a quick look at. I must say this is amazing, I have been begging Andi to make this DVD after I saw him perform this move a few years ago, this DVD is a must have with lots of great routines, if you learn this excellent move the possibilities are endless.
I will keep you informed of my purchase of the day tomorrow because I am sure I will be spending more money!

Andy Chase

European Championships of Magic 2011 - Close up Part 2

Read Part one first!

Rene - Germany

Rene made a few "jokes" about England. Made a Nielsen ketchup bottle turn into a tomato, then the bottle was back and turned into a real bottle. He then performed Richard Sanders extreme burn. He had a note signed and changed to a money voucher. The signed bill was then inside the tomato! Dun dun daaa!!!

Parro=5, Max=5, Sylvester=5, CB=6, Vas=

Martin - Finland

Martin is the biggest charmer for the ladies in magic! He picked a pretty girl from the stage, he made a comb vanish by sticking it in his hair! made a flame turn into a rose! All whilst the titanic music played! Martin continued to charm this young lady he ended with interlaced combined with a marriage proposal gag... Very Funny!

Parro=8, Max=8, Sylvester=8, CB=8, Vas=

Miika Pelkonen - Finland

Miika borrowed a deck, he took out the aces, had one ace selected then produced the rest of the cards in order from that suite. This was repeated 4 times the final card was a signed selection as a layer of the actual card box.

Parro=7.5, Max=8, Sylvester=6, CB=6, Vas=

Paul Sommersgutter - Austria

Cards to box, followed by a thought of card which was in his top pocket, card under box deck under box, deck in box, the shuffled deck was then in full deck order
A card was selected and signed in a red deck, the card was then revealed to be the only blue card in the red deck.

Parro=6, Max=6.5, Sylvester=6, CB=6, Vas=

Hector Mancha - Spain

Hector performed a routine to music about a card which would not go away, it was a very polishe routine using perfect use of the tenkai vanish.

Parro=7, Max=8, Sylvester=7, CB=8, Vas=

Rune - Norway

Rune performed a comedy routine at a breakfast table, whilst listening to the radio station 105.1 magic! The selected card was in the cereal as the "free toy". Then it got cray into a multiplying spoon routine! Then to end a signed card was in the actual edible sandwich!

Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=7, CB=8, Vas=

The great Sym-phoney - England

Well this was interesting to say the least I don't know quite what was going on except he was a music compare! He did show us his union jack boxers though!

Parro=1, Max=0, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Vittori Belloni - Italy

Vittori made coins and cards appear for his matrix routine. He made 4 invisible coins, turn visible under the cards. He then started using transparent cards. The whole deck the turned transparent! And then even his clothes. An excellent routine it started slow but built up quickly an I was pleasantly surprised!

Parro=9, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=

Vadim - Russian Federation

A big trick with big cards, he made the faces of the cards visually turn to backs. The backs then turned from blue to red! Meanwhile... His music is very annoying. Vadim the kept making the cards jump back into the box when trying to perform his trick. So far so dull! :( to finish a selected card appeared in a can of peaches!

Parro=3, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Kristian Nivala - Finland

The aces appeared from the air one by one and then the deck! Kristian continued to make more cards and more aces appear from anywhere and everywhere including jumbo aces. He ended on making all the cards that had made appear from red to blue a very impressive ending!

Parro=7, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Matthew Wright - England

Matthew wright performed his coins across which includes a coin an actual coin FLOATING across! He then performed a card effect with the card that gives him nightmares that sticks to his head! The selected card then ends up being stuck to his head and in his wallet! Matt then performed his card routine to the music of lady gaga - pokerface! A brilliant act with a great performer!

Parro=9, Max=, Sylvester=, CB=, Vas=.

Final thoughts the acts ranged in standard my bottom hurts for sitting here so long I'm not sure if the competition needed this many performers? The winner for me has got to be Yann Frisch!

We will let you know of the winners as soon as we know until then keep on blogging - Parro out!!!

European Championships of Magic 2011 - Close up Part 1

Myself and Max watched the first part of the European Championships of Magic 2011 (10:00am-12:30pm) We sat next to 3 magicians which were called Sylvester, Champagne Bobby (CB) and Vas. They helped with the scores!

Rene jensen – Denmark

Rene performed a technological act with a mouse, cds and batteries which is supposedly all for sale on his “dealer stand” Rene then performed an ambitious card routine using lots of different gags to do with his ‘computer’ deck of cards

Parro=7, Max=7, Sylvester=6.5, CB=7, Vas=7.

Alex Hansford - England

Alex manages to get a spectator to shuffle and cut to his own selected card. A fancy 4 king assembly. An envelope prediction had been on the table the whole time which had a paper encrypted text then miraculously turned into 7 selcted cards
Alex is a fantastic technical magician but my only criticism is his stage presence is of someone triple his age a very classical performer, should he be acting more his age?

Parro=5, Max=5.5, Sylvester=5.5, CB=6, Vas=6.

Alex Conradi - Netherlands

Performed a coins to glass routine a clean coin worker. Alex then gradually made the coins disappear.

Parro=7, Max=7.5, Sylvester=8, CB=7, Vas=8

Petr Kasnar – Czech Republic

Coin and pencil routine... vanishing coin, vanishing pencil... you get the drift.
Petr then had a card selected and signed by the spectator... meanwhile a crazy dice in deck production.... so what happened with the signed card...it appeared in the spectators wallet very cleanly!

Parro=6, Max=6, Sylvester=3.5, CB=5.5, Vas=5.

Yann Frisch - France

An excellent funny act with a teapot mug and multiplying red juggling balls. Balls to mug, mug to balls, balls to more balls, balls to balls you name it this act had it, if it involved balls! A brilliant brilliant routine which received a semi standing ovation! This is live blogging... This guy will be hard to beat!

Parro=9.5, Max=10, Sylvester=9.5, CB=10, Vas=10.

Woody Aragon - Spain

Mixed up deck turned into new deck order, then a letter production which read “Blackpool Magic 2011”
Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=7.5, CB=5, Vas=6.5.

Wladimir - France

Wladimir made a piece of rope change to a hanging knot, then to a rope bunny rabbit, the rabbits tail then grew to the odd midi esc music, a ball was then balanced on the rabbits tail (although the first ball was dropped). He then moved onto his one rope routine to music. But then nooo you guessed it more rope was added to the equation and extended the original rope
Not my type of magic unfortunately, hence the low score from me

Parro=3, Max=2, Sylvester=6, CB=7, Vas=6.5

Hayashi – Germany

Ok so Hayashi performed his cups and balls routine which he performed at the 2010 IBM competition. 10 cups to the music he created (which i have to on the 2nd time of hearing is awful, the only thing you can say is, it is in 10 languages which is impressive, but if most people can only speak 1 language he could be saying anything LOL) His final loads were the paper cups underneath the silver cups a zombie ball champagne and wine glass also make an appearance!
CB Quote: F to the I to the S to the ISM you can see all the sponge balls to where I ditch em’

Parro=2, Max=2, Sylvester=5, CB=0, Vas=4

Ace – Netherlands

A predicted CD choice from about 30 different CDs. then onto a 2 card signed selection tanspo. A good performer!

Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=6, CB=7, Vas=6.5

Friday 18th February 2011 Schedule

Friday 18th February

8.30 am Registration Desk opens
9.00 am to 12.00 pm Band Call (Rehearsal) for Stage Competitors in the Opera House continues
9.00 am to 9.30 am Close-Up and Stage Jury Meeting with Cornelis Ros in the Princess Diana Suite
10.00 am to 8.00 pm Dealers Super Showcase opens
10.00 am to 12.30 pm FISM European Close-Up Magical Championships in the Pavilion Theatre
1.00 pm to 6.00 pm Band Call (Rehearsal) for Saturday night and Sunday night Gala Show acts
2.00 pm to 5.30 pm FISM European Close-Up Magical Championships in the Pavilion Theatre
7.00 pm to 10.30 pm FISM European Stage Magical Championships in the Opera House
8.00 pm to 9.15 pm Wayne Dobson Lecture in the Pavilion Theatre
10.00 pm Registration Desk closes
10.15 pm to 11.15 pm Joe Mogar Lecture in the Pavilion Theatre

Ruskin Magic

We went and had dinner, 13 of us in the end. I had a Pate to start, spaghetti and meatballs as a main and for dessert sticky toffee pudding... anyway no-one cares what I had for dinner, you're here for the magic. After a very nice dinner we all popped into the Ruskin to see what was "Goin' Down" I was after some magic to watch and was introduced to a great guy called Stephen Leathwaite he performed a trick he calls FlipFlop... Enjoy! (by the way check out his site www.bidonmagic.com)

Thursday 17 February 2011

We are in Blackpool!

O.K so we are here! We have checked in to our hotel and registered at the convention in the winter gardens... Currently the mammoth auction is taking place! Did you get a bargain? Let us know?


It's the blog way or the highway!

... Infact it is the highway! We are on our way! A car full of magic lovers! With a little less than 2 hours on the clock til' we get to Blackpool, we are all getting very excited!

Thursday 17th February Schedule

Thursday 17th February

9.00 am Registration Desk Opens
9.00 am Dealer Get In for Empress Ballroom, Empress Balcony and Arena
9.00 am Band Call (Rehearsal) for Stage Competitors in the Opera House
9.00 am Band Call (Rehearsal) for Close-Up Competition in the Pavilion Theatre
1.00 pm Mammoth Auction opens for viewing of goods in Spanish Hall
2.00 pm Mammoth Auction commences with Derek Lever and Mike Shepherd
6.00 pm Registration Desk closes
6.00 pm Band Call for Stage Competitors closes

Wednesday 16 February 2011


Hours remain until the Thursday kick off for this years Blackpool. Remember we will keep you up-to-date with everything magical! So join the conversation and give us your views for Blackpool Magic Convention! See you all in a few hours!

Saturday 12 February 2011

What are you looking forward to at the Blackpool Magic Convention this year?

Here is a short video where we have just 1 minute each to talk about what we are looking forward to at this years Blackpool Magic Convention. Unfortunately Geoff wasn't around at the time and was busy signing autographs so we'll be catching up with him when the convention starts.

Why not tell us what you are looking forward to at the convention in the comments section below.

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 - Looking Forward

Friday 11 February 2011

SOLD OUT Blackpool

With over 3,200 tickets sold, Blackpool Magic Convention has now sold out!
So if you're one of the unlucky ones that is without a ticket, you are in the right place to find out what's happening at this years convention.

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Here is the best place to keep you up-to-date with everything happening at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011, but if you would like loads of little snippets and discussions with your friends about this years Blackpool check-out and like our Facebook page here > http://www.facebook.com/pages/Magic-Bloggers/171640982882136

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Blackpool Magic Convention 2011 Coming Soon

Welcome to the Magic Bloggers Blog for The Blackpool Magic Convention 2011. We will be keeping you up-to-date with everything happening at this years convention, with photos, videos, reviews you name it, we blog it! So if you can't make Blackpool this year, or miss one of the lectures, you can see what we thought of it here! And the great news is it all works on your iPhone too!

Are you looking forward to the Blackpool Magic Convention 2011... let us know in the comments below...

If it's your first time at Blackpool, take a look at the video we made for Blackpool 2010: