Sunday 20 February 2011

The International Gala Show

Here are our scores for the final gala show M=Matt, MX=Max, S=Stu, A=Andy, G=Geoff.

Scott Penrose: M=6, MX=6.5, S=7, A=8, G=8.

Jimmy Tamley: M=8.5, MX=10, S=9, A=10, G=8.

Xavier Tapias: M=8, MX=7.5, S=5, A=7, G=7.

Dimmare: M=6.5, MX=6.5, S=7, A=8, G=9.

Roy Gardener and James: M=8, MX=8, S=7, A=8, G=9.5.

Michael Finney: M=8, MX=8.5, S=8, A=9, G=9.5.

Salvano Jr.: M=4, MX=3, S=5, A=6, G=7.

Jonathon Hawley and Co.: M=7.5, MX=9, S=8, A=8.5, G=8.

Everyone Finale (Singing, Dancers Final bow, etc): M=10, MX=10, S=10, A=10, G=10.

Ok so that's the final scores! Clive and Danny Adams were the highlight for me! What do you think of tonights host and what did you think of the show? Remember this is the peoples blog! This is Magic Bloggers!

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