Friday 18 February 2011

European Championships of Magic 2011 - Close up Part 1

Myself and Max watched the first part of the European Championships of Magic 2011 (10:00am-12:30pm) We sat next to 3 magicians which were called Sylvester, Champagne Bobby (CB) and Vas. They helped with the scores!

Rene jensen – Denmark

Rene performed a technological act with a mouse, cds and batteries which is supposedly all for sale on his “dealer stand” Rene then performed an ambitious card routine using lots of different gags to do with his ‘computer’ deck of cards

Parro=7, Max=7, Sylvester=6.5, CB=7, Vas=7.

Alex Hansford - England

Alex manages to get a spectator to shuffle and cut to his own selected card. A fancy 4 king assembly. An envelope prediction had been on the table the whole time which had a paper encrypted text then miraculously turned into 7 selcted cards
Alex is a fantastic technical magician but my only criticism is his stage presence is of someone triple his age a very classical performer, should he be acting more his age?

Parro=5, Max=5.5, Sylvester=5.5, CB=6, Vas=6.

Alex Conradi - Netherlands

Performed a coins to glass routine a clean coin worker. Alex then gradually made the coins disappear.

Parro=7, Max=7.5, Sylvester=8, CB=7, Vas=8

Petr Kasnar – Czech Republic

Coin and pencil routine... vanishing coin, vanishing pencil... you get the drift.
Petr then had a card selected and signed by the spectator... meanwhile a crazy dice in deck production.... so what happened with the signed appeared in the spectators wallet very cleanly!

Parro=6, Max=6, Sylvester=3.5, CB=5.5, Vas=5.

Yann Frisch - France

An excellent funny act with a teapot mug and multiplying red juggling balls. Balls to mug, mug to balls, balls to more balls, balls to balls you name it this act had it, if it involved balls! A brilliant brilliant routine which received a semi standing ovation! This is live blogging... This guy will be hard to beat!

Parro=9.5, Max=10, Sylvester=9.5, CB=10, Vas=10.

Woody Aragon - Spain

Mixed up deck turned into new deck order, then a letter production which read “Blackpool Magic 2011”
Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=7.5, CB=5, Vas=6.5.

Wladimir - France

Wladimir made a piece of rope change to a hanging knot, then to a rope bunny rabbit, the rabbits tail then grew to the odd midi esc music, a ball was then balanced on the rabbits tail (although the first ball was dropped). He then moved onto his one rope routine to music. But then nooo you guessed it more rope was added to the equation and extended the original rope
Not my type of magic unfortunately, hence the low score from me

Parro=3, Max=2, Sylvester=6, CB=7, Vas=6.5

Hayashi – Germany

Ok so Hayashi performed his cups and balls routine which he performed at the 2010 IBM competition. 10 cups to the music he created (which i have to on the 2nd time of hearing is awful, the only thing you can say is, it is in 10 languages which is impressive, but if most people can only speak 1 language he could be saying anything LOL) His final loads were the paper cups underneath the silver cups a zombie ball champagne and wine glass also make an appearance!
CB Quote: F to the I to the S to the ISM you can see all the sponge balls to where I ditch em’

Parro=2, Max=2, Sylvester=5, CB=0, Vas=4

Ace – Netherlands

A predicted CD choice from about 30 different CDs. then onto a 2 card signed selection tanspo. A good performer!

Parro=6, Max=5, Sylvester=6, CB=7, Vas=6.5

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